Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ferrari considering an appeal

Ferrari President Luca Montezemolo has vowed to continue his fight for penalties to be imposed in the Formula One 'spying' row. Ferrari were left outraged when McLaren escaped punishment despite being found guilty of 'fraudulent conduct', specifically being in possession of confidential documents belonging to Ferrari. At an extraordinary meeting of the World Motor Sport Council, the FIA's highest power, it was deemed there was insufficient evidence to impose any sanction on McLaren.
The WMSC were unable to conclude that 780 pages of Ferrari technical information that ended up in the hands of Mike Coughlan, McLaren's suspended chief designer, had been used to "interfere improperly with the World Championship".
The council have, however, left the door open by stating that if McLaren are found to have used the information in any way in the future then they will be thrown out of this year's and next year's Championships.
Speaking to Italian reporters, Montezemolo has insisted the fight will go on.
"I want to say to the fans from all over the world who have been contacting Ferrari, offended by the decision taken in Paris, that they should remain calm because this story will not end here," said Montezemolo. A Ferrari statement claimed the council's failure to penalise McLaren "legitimises dishonest behaviour", and that they had set "a very serious precedent". Echoing those words, Ferrari boss Jean Todt said: "We are reflecting on what to do after the incomprehensible and grave decision made in Paris. "It's difficult to understand that one who is deemed to be guilty goes unpunished." Ferrari confirmed on Thursday that they are to continue with legal action through the civil courts in England against Coughlan, and in Italy against Nigel Stepney. Stepney was sacked by Ferrari from his role as head of performance development on July 3. He has denied supplying Coughlan with the information, while there are also claims he attempted to sabotage the Ferrari cars prior to the Monaco Grand Prix in May.

Source: Planet-F1