Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dennis broke 'trust' agreement - Todt

The hostility between F1's arch rivals Ferrari and McLaren stepped up another gear on Friday, following the controversial verdict of the FIA World Council.
Maranello based Ferrari, enraged that its championship competitor escaped the sanctioning powers of the governing body despite being found guilty of espionage, took the unprecedented step of publishing a tirade against McLaren on its team website. Jean Todt is quoted as accusing his team principal counterpart Ron Dennis of suggesting earlier this season that the pair sign an agreement to improve relations between the embittered teams while knowing that a rogue Ferrari employee was leaking secret information to his chief designer. "There was an exchange of views," Todt is attributed as saying, "and, believing in their good faith, I agreed to sign this agreement on June 9."

The so-called 'spying' saga, that has scandalised the sport ever since, then broke out after a photocopy worker tipped off Ferrari that Mike Coughlan's wife had tried to manipulate some 780 pages of Ferrari documents marked 'confidential'. Todt said: "So, on the one hand, they had come to say 'let us trust one another' and, on the other, they were hiding serious facts but making no effort to inform us as would have been in the spirit and to the letter of our agreement." A McLaren spokeswoman declined to comment, but Dennis has previously insisted that he only learned about Coughlan's possession of secret data on July 3. Todt, meanwhile, vowed to keep fighting for the 2007 championships but said it now felt like "playing poker with a rival who already knows what cards you are holding".

Source: F1Way