Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ferrari Launch F2008

Ferrari this afternoon officially launched its 2008 challenger which is to be called the F2008.

The first preview images show a relatively traditional swooping front wing as well as a fairly standard rear element. Undoubtedly new model on display will undergo further aerodynamic enhancements ahead of the season opener in Melbourne.

The sidepods do however appear visibly changed over its predecessor with a raised front aspect with various aero additions to the front aimed to create maximum cooling efficiency as well as the all-important flow of air around the car.

Kimi Raikkonen is slated to shake-down the chassis tomorrow at Fiorano.

We’ll bring you more details of the new car shortly. To view more images of the F2008, go to the photo menu and select ‘teams’…

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Ferrari have unveiled their 2008 challenger which has been designed to defend the Italian marque's World titles.

The F2008 is the 54th single-seater Ferrari have built and will be piloted by Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa, with the Finn scheduled to give the car its track debut on Monday January 6 at Fiorano.

The Aldo Costa design complies with the FIA's new regulations which require gearbox units to last for four grands prix, as well as the installation of the standard ECU.

In December Costa told Gazzetta dello Sport that the car would be completely re-designed.

"It will be completely new, even though you can't make radical changes because of the regulations," he said.

"The front of the car will be different, as far as the monocoque is concerned, with differently shaped sidepods, and the wing will be new too."

Codenamed 659, the car also has an adapted wheelbase so as to improve weight distribution.

The F2008 weighs 605kg in race trim and the Type 056 powerplant weighs a mere 95kg.

The overall mass of the car is up on last season due to limits on the type of composites allowed and higher cockpit sides - which improve driver safety.

The Scuderia have confirmed that the aerodynamics package will undergo major changes before the season begins.

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